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We produce brown shelled, golden yolk eggs. Eggs are collected from a battery cage system, and then graded and cleaned. We aim to give our customers promise of:
Freshness of our product is of paramount importance. We aim to get the egg from the farm to the consumer in the shortest possible time so that the maximum shelf life can be enjoyed by the consumer. We undertake the distribution of all our products to ensure that it reaches its destination in good condition.
Every Happy Hen egg sold is traceable to the day of production, to the batch of chickens from which it was produced from and the feed the chicken received during the production of the eggs.
Consistent Egg Size
We are the first company in Sri Lanka to market machine graded eggs, thus giving our customers a promise in consistency in size of eggs purchased and get the best value for money. Following sizes are available for our customers.
Labeled or Printed
Happy Hen retail egg packs are sold with detailed labels which give customer production information as well as relevant nutritional information. Eggs sold for institutional clients can be individually printed on with date of production and batch number.
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